S/Y Norda

Norda is a rugged and antique fishing cutter. Since her construction in 1928, she lived a hard live in the Baltic Sea. She was used as research vessel (christened Ewa), fishing vessel (Putzig-2), used to flee to Germany after the war, later again used for fishing in Poland (Wla-17 and Zag-9), set ashore to rot, restored as a yacht. In 1985 she was christened “Norda”. Since April 2005 she is proudly flying the Belgian colors and her home harbour is Gdynia (near Gdansk, Poland). She’s available for charter.

 norda-2  norda-3

S/Y Muscadet

The “Muscadet” is a comfortable sailing yacht of 41 feet (12.75 meters) that has excellent sailing capacities and is for rent on the North Sea (Nieuwpoort, Belgium), and for larger trips. The Muscadet is an Oceanis Clipper 411 of the world leading ship-builder Beneteau.
On this pages, you will find some information about the yacht, the chartering possibilities and conditions, etc.

muscadet01m mus02

about Philippe

CV of Philippe De Brouwer

Chief Executive Officer at
KBC Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestytcynych S.A.

General Information

  • nationality: Belgian
  • sex: male
  • civil state: married to Joanna
  • children: Amelia (age: 6.9 m.o.)
  • birth place and date: Louvain (Belgium), 21 February 1969. (-> Age: 38.8 y.o.)
  • Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), French, English and Polish.
  • Location to work: no restrictions
  • Contact: phdb@adventuresail.net


  • Management School Solvay – Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Commercial Engineering (Distinction – evening classes in accumulation with my work at P&V Assurances, at the Deutsche Bank, and Fortis Investments Belgium). [1992 – 1999]
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Licentiate in Physics, (comparable to Master) specialisation in theoretical and mathematical physics (Major Distinction = min.80% – thesis at the UniversitĂ© Libre de Bruxelles).[1987 – 1991]
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Licentiate for teaching at high school level. (Distinction = min. 60%). [1989 – 1991]

Working Experience

KBC Group
21/04/05 – now Chief Executive Officer at KBC Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestytcynych S.A. (Poland): this is the merged entity that resulted from the merger between the 4 asset management companies in KBC group in Poland. KBC TFI employs 68 persons and creates and manages investment funds for retail distribution, asset management services for private persons and offers a full range of services to institutinal clients. It has now about 6,6 Bln PLN under management
01/07/04 – 20/04/05 CEO Warta Asset Management S.A. and CEO Warta Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestytcynych S.A. (Poland): full operational management of these 2 firms that both employ about 17 employees, and that span the asset management business in Warta TUiR group in Poland.
17/06/02 – 30/06/04 Regional Director Poland at KBC Asset Management N.V. (Belgium): business development and general management. General responsibility over different aspects of the business (asset management, investment funds and pension funds), as well on operational as on strategic level. Involved in creating consolidation, expansion, and further development of asset management related activities. Initiator in strategic expansion (investment banking).
Fortis Investment Management
7/01 – 6/02 Director Alternative Investments and Structured Asset Management: building up the business of Alternative Investments and managing the important product line of capital guaranteed products.
9/00 – 7/01 Director Strategy & Co-ordination: Ensure a global co-ordination of large projects, and collaborate to determine the strategy of the FIM-group in terms of M&As
2/99 – 9/00 Director, Staff Networks & Funds: After the merger of all the asset management activities within the Fortis Group, within the business line “Networks and Funds” I facilitated international coherence and bring about synergies through different international projects for the core countries (Netherlands, Belgium and France). I also started up business in non-core countries (e.g. Hong Kong).
12/96 – 4/99 Fortis Investments BelgiumHead of Product & Concept Development (Strategic Marketing): I designed relevant procedures and co-ordinated the whole process of starting new investment funds (sicav’s) and the follow up afterwards. For capital guaranteed funds, we negotiated the OTC derivatives and executed the initial transactions. I assured also the Account Management for our main clients in retail investments. My main achievements are: putting the pieces of these complex projects together and designing the processes and procedures; creating a department to assure the follow up of this process; organising all data about the investment funds in a relational database system (which was used through whole F.I.B.); designing (for ASLK-bank) a strategic marketing positioning in Personal Financial Planning; and creating a software for Personal Financial Planning.
Deutsche Bank
12/95 – 12/96 Project Manager / EDP Specialist / Communication & Support Co-ordinator: comparable to my previous job at P&V; but more oriented to trading activities (Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.).
P&V Insurance
03/92 – 12/95 System Engineer / Project Manager: market studies for IT systems; testing and installing hard- and software (e.g. LAN networks and interconnectivity Mac/PC/Mainframe), as well as project management, cost-benefit analyses etc.
Work as student
1989 – 1996 Private courses, mainly on mathematics, informatics and physics.
1987 – 1991 Various student jobs every summer, at different companies in order to finance my studies.
Other Experience
1999 – now Yacht Skipper/Captain, mainly on one of my own yachts when they are chartered, among which different sailing trips for longer than one week uninterupted sailing in the Baltic Sea or in the North Sea.
2006 – now Different board functions in the Belgian Business Chamber of Poland.


Scientific Publications

Refereed publications are marked up like this sentence.

  • Ph. De Brouwer, Oszczedzanie bez tajemnic (Savings without Secrets),
    Parkiet (national Polish newspaper for finance), 09 June 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Finanse behavioralne, czyli psychologia investora (Behavioural Finance),
    Parkiet (national Polish newspaper with focus on finance), 09 June 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Investowac czy spekulowac (To Invest or to Speculate?),
    Parkiet (national Polish newspaper with focus on finance), 09 June 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Dlaczego fundusze inwestycyjne (Why Investment Funds,
    Parkiet (national Polish newspaper with focus on finance), 09 June 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Behavioral Finance and Decisson Making in Financial Markets,
    Financial Markets, Principles of Modeling Forecasting and Decission-Making (ISBN 978-83-7525-022-0), pp. 27 – 44, Ĺ�ĂłdĹş University Press 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, La finance comportementale ou la psychlogie de l’investisseur,
    Problčmes Economiques, n° 2738, 28 november 2001.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Behavioural Finance of de Psychologie van de belegger,
    Vector, September 2001 nr. 17, Fortis Bank S.A.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Understanding and Calculating Value at Risk
    Journal of Derivatives Use, Trading and Regulation, volume 6 nbr. 4, 2001, pp. 306 – 322, by Henry Stewart Publications.
  • Ph. De Brouwer and F. Van den Spiegel, The Fallacy of Large Numbers Revisited: The construction of a utility function that leads to the acceptance of two games, while one is rejected
    Journal of Asset Management, Volume 1 Issue 3, January 2001, ISSN 1470-8272, by Henry Stewart Publications,
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Value at Risk,
    white paper (distributed at the conference “Defining, Measuring & Controlling Investment Risk” of IIR), 1999.
  • Ph. De Brouwer and Prof. Van den Spiegel, Index-ICB’s met kapitaalbeschermingavailable in the branches of the ASLK bank (Belgium), 1997.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Een inleiding tot Internet,
    online published white paper, 1994.
  • Ph. De Brouwer and D. Walgraef, Two Dimensional Patterns in a Model for the Electro-hydrodynamic Instability of Nematic Liquid CrystalsInstabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures IV, pp. 235-245, 1993 Kluwer Academic Publishers (ISBN 0-7923-2503-6).

Conference Talks

  • Market Situation and Opportunities in Poland, ALFI-NICSA conference 2007, Luxembourg, GD of Luxembourgh, 2007.
  • Behavioral Finance and Decisson Making in Financial Markets, FindEcon 2005, University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland, 2005.
  • Behavioural Finance, General Introduction and How to Incorporation in the Investment Process, Behavioural Finance, IIR, London, 2001.
  • Behavioural Finance, Fundamentals and Impact, First Asian Investors Conference, FIM, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Kuala Lumpur, 2001.
  • Risk Intuition and Investor Psychology, Risk Management for Today’s Asset Managers, IIR, London, 2000.
  • Integrating Value at Risk and Stress Testing for Accurate Investment Risk Management, Defining, Measuring & Controlling Investment Risk, IIR, Zurich, 1999.
  • Exotic Derivatives used in Capital Guaranteed Products, bi-annual conference of the Belgian Bankers Association (since 1998).

Hobbies and Personal Interests

  • hobbies: sailing, photography, exploring nature, offroad (4×4), development of websites , mountaineering, just to name a few.
  • personal interests: nature, marine history and traditions, mathematics, logic and science, behavioural finance, financial mathematics, financial markets, and much more.

Fix dark circles under eyes

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revitol sunglasses

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Have you ever considered building a sailboat for your son?

Sailing boats are amazing not just for recreation and sailing on beautiful waters, but they can also be used to travel and visit wonderful beaches with golden sands. If your son is a fan of sailing boats and he is quite young to have one, you can actually build one for him. A smaller-sized one, of course, but which can become his favorite toy to play with it in parks.

tablesawAccording to wikipedia.org, there are more types of sailing boats and you can use them for inspiration when building the sailboat for your son. Whether you decide to construct a sloop in small size, a yawl or a little catboat, a table saw will help you cut the wood necessary building the sailboat.

You can build a 45 inches long sailing boat with the same sophistication of design like any full-sized yacht. You or your son can be the skipper, meaning that you or even he will control the rudder and the sails. The sailboat will not be powered by a motor, but it will be wind powered. The construction of the boat will not be quite easy, but the smile and enthusiasm of your son will be rewarding enough.

A sloop will be perfect, but you will need a table saw to cut the wood. You will first make the units then assemble them to finish the model by using adequate glue. All you have to do is find the perfect plan for the sailing boat, get the materials required and just get to work!

You will not need a very powerful table saw to cut the wood in the shape required, so you can purchase an affordable model to help you finish the project in short time. You can select one model from the website http://www.mytablesawreviews.org. Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw will do the job perfectly. This table saw has a compact design, it is durable and it can be used for a wide range of applications. This amazing tool will offer you the assistance required to obtain accurate cuts right from the start.

But if you want something safer and a table saw that will enable quality cuts, perhaps you should get Sawstop CNS175-TGP36 1-3/4 HP Contractor Saw. This table saw model operates smoothly, it enables mobility and it is one of the safest models on the market.

Consider your budget before acquiring the table saw and have in mind what else would you like to use it for. If you are a passionate woodworker and you plan to build more interesting stuff, other than the sailboat for your kid, get a durable model which is user-friendly and which can be used to crosscut, bevel, rip and miter.

A table saw can be used to obtain useful and decorative items for your home, but it can also help you repair and renovate your house. Start with easier projects or begin even with the construction of the sailboat for your son. He will certainly encourage you to keep on with this work and, who knows, maybe you will even get to enjoy it!

Enjoy a photo shooting on a sailing yacht

Having a photo session on a sailing yacht is an amazing idea not just to photograph the beauty of nature, the blue sky and the wonderful sea or ocean, but also to capture your joy and enchanted smile while taking pleasure in a lovely adventure on sea.
forskolinSailing yachts are awesome and a trip will be captivating, so be sure you take your chic and trendy bikini when preparing for a photo shooting on the yacht. In case if you do not feel quite fit right now and you would like to have a toned lean look and lose some pounds before having the exciting journey, you can certainly boost your metabolism and get the effects desired in a natural and healthy way which will also improve your overall health.
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The benefits of taking Forskolin Fuel do not include just weight loss and fast metabolism. This natural product also regulates blood pressure, treats respiratory disorders and increases the energy levels, this way promoting the general wellbeing.
Your journey on the sailing yacht will be enchanting and you will feel confident and amazing especially if you will be in shape. Focus on having a great time sailing and forget about the extra pounds! Venture forth into new waters on a fantastic sailing yacht, visit a luxuriant island or admire the fishes swimming near the yacht.
Do not let your metabolism ruin your adventure, get rid of the extra fat and boost your metabolism to accelerate the weight loss process. Let the salted water mesmerize your skin and take pleasure in every moment spent on the sailing yacht. The photographs will capture your charm and beauty and you will cherish these memories for a long time.

Iodine: one of the most important but also the most ignored details of our health

Iodine is a substance that is very important four our bodies, but our organism cannot create it. It is found only in foods, seawater, salt and it can also be found in the soil. Iodine is the only substance that supports the thyroid, so, if the iodine levels from your body are very low, your thyroid can be severely damaged and it can even stop creating the thyroid hormone. This is called the iodine deficiency. Iodine deficiency is a disease that can create us many and big problems like the enlargement of the thyroid, hypothyroidism and it can even affect a child’s sanity if the mother was iodine deficient while she was pregnant. If you are pregnant and you suffer from iodine deficiency it can be very dangerous for your child, because, most of the time, it can cause retardation for him.

detoxadineSome foods that are rich in iodine are cheese, eggs, milk, yogurt, salt, seaweed, shellfish, soy and even ice cream.

As you can see we should add these foods to our diet because the iodine deficiency can damage our body really bad. Besides that, it is very hard to diagnose. Usually, the iodine deficiency is diagnosed at large groups of people, not at simple individuals, so you should take care of it by yourself.

But, let me tell you a good thing. Even if it is a very bad and very hard to find and treat disease, it can be prevented very easily.

This is why Detoxadine was created. According to www.detoxadine.net/ detoxadine is one of the only iodine based natural supplements on the market. It is also very friendly to our bodies and our digestive tracts. Most of the iodine supplements are artificial and they can damage and even destroy our digestive systems.

Actually, Detoxadine is based on nascent iodine which is an improved form of iodine that’s more easily absorbed and assimilated by our bodies.

It supports our thyroid and our nervous system and it also boosts our immune system. As you can see it helps us in many ways, it does not only boost the iodine levels in our bodies. Yes, there are even more advantages of using Detoxadine. It also defends our thyroid from other diseases and maintains a normal blood sugar, so it also prevents us from making diabetes and it boosts our thinking.

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They even protect you with a 180 day guarantee so if you are not pleased by it for any reason you will get all your money back. But trust me, you will be pleased.

Natural supplement to lose weight

Nowadays beauty standards for a girl are being skinny but not too skinny… she must be skinny but she also must have curves. This is why usually girls feel sad and have social problems. All these problems are created by some standards that must be filled. Well, because of this, many girls are doing almost everything to get skinny and sometimes they even stop eating so they get anorexic after few months and make lots of diseases. They just exaggerate and this is a big problem because stopping to eat can damage your body very bad. Other girls are doing sport to get fit but usually they also exaggerate and their body gets exhausted because they are doing too much effort. This can also damage your overall health and these exaggerations can even kill you if you don’t pay enough attention.

yaconmolassesThis is why scientists and doctors created lots of treatments and supplements that help you burn fats faster and without big effort. But also here is a problem. These treatments are usually not natural and can give you side – effects or just simply destroy your liver or other organs so you must be careful with these too.

This situation looks hopeless… like it cannot be solved in anyway. But even if you trust me or not I found a remedy for it.

Many years ago people found a plant named Yacon. Its roots are very crispy and sweet so they started to eat it and use it in different foods. The scientists researched many years and found that Yacon has many roles in losing weight. Maybe you are asking yourselves how is this possible. I shall tell you.

The Yacon’s roots are very high in Fructooligosaccharides. These are some special substances that act like a metabolism changer. What does this mean? These substances just reduce your appetite during the day so you will not feel as hungry as before, the result being weight loss. After they discovered this, some scientists created Yacon Molasses.

According to http://yaconmolassesinfo.com/ Yacon Molasses is the only 100% natural supplement that helps you lose weight in a very short amount of time, without effort and without any bad side – effects. It acts just like a metabolism changer so you will just not feel as hungry as before but you will also feel the need for eating so you will not get anorexic and have health problems.

Yacon Molasses is made from 100% yacon syrup. On the actual market are many yacon syrup based products but most of them contain other artificial ingredients that your body might reject and make bad side – effects or even diseases from them. Yacon Molasses contains only 100% pure and natural ingredients that are easily absorbed and assimilated by your body so you won’t feel any difference.

It also has a very good and sweet taste so it is easy to take. You must take 1 spoon of Yacon Molasses before each meal in order to make its job. It can also be used as an alternative for sugar so you can mix it with tea or coffee or with anything you like. Yacon Molasses is the easiest way to get fit, so if you want to look good without a big effort just try Yacon Molasses. You will not be disappointed.

What is insomnia and why does it occur?

In case if you have difficulties falling asleep or you cannot maintain your sleep and you wake up in the middle of the night, you certainly suffer from sleeplessness, especially if this occurs almost every night. Without proper sleep of at least seven hours a night your body is deprived of the rest and energy required for the mental, emotional and physical processes.

melatrolThe website melatroluk.org.uk/ is promoting Melatrol that is a natural supplement created to help people fall asleep, to improve the quality of their sleep and to regulate their sleep cycles in order to maintain their overall health. Being a drug free supplement proven to assist the consumers to relax, Melatrol ensures a peaceful and relaxed sleep for people who will also wake up energized.

A quite common form of sleeplessness is insomnia, which occurs when people wake up at night and, due to the fact that they realize they are awake, they become anxious and stressed, fearing that maybe they will not be able to fall asleep again. This anxiety triggers release of adrenaline, which causes exactly what they do not want: inability to fall asleep.

Unfortunately, insomnia is a condition that affects all age groups. Being defined as difficulty falling asleep, nonrestorative sleep or light sleep for days or even weeks, insomnia affects about two-thirds of American adults. Some scientists claim that insomnia gets worse as we age, because more than 50% of old people in America suffer from sleeplessness. But numerous adolescents complain about it too.

Scientific studies have revealed that 45 % of adolescents sleep less than eight hours night, while only 20% of them sleep the recommended nine hours per night for their age. Why does sleeplessness occur?

Stress is the most frequent cause of insomnia. Anxiety, depression, health concerns or daily burdens may trigger enough stress to ensure abnormal sleep patterns. Worrisome news alerts us that up to 90% of all health conditions are linked to stress. Because our emotions and thoughts have impact on our vitality and health, we should definitely learn how to manage with our stress levels in order to lead normal and happy lives.

People who are stressed at night, before going to sleep, should try various techniques that help them relax and prepare for restful sleep. They could try meditation, yoga, reading something peaceful or listening to relaxing music, something that will calm them in order to induce adequate sleep.

Numerous techniques have been designed in order to improve the quality of sleep. Find the best solution for you and slowly but surely regulate your sleep cycles.

Consider taking natural supplements that help you relax, pills with natural and safe herbs that relieve you from your daily stress, burdens and anxiety, so you can sleep properly for at least seven-eight hours. Take Melatrol, this highly efficient supplement that helps you fall asleep and supports you to feel energized the next day. Reestablish regular sleep patterns, use Melatrol and rediscover the benefits of adequate sleep!

A new method to boost your breasts

Many people say that women can look good without a big effort but men must do big efforts in order to look good. If a woman wants to be fit she must run 30 minutes per day and that is all. Not a big deal right? While men must go to gym and lift heavy weights in order to build good looking muscles. Well, this is true but…

breast activesWhat about women’s breasts? If a woman wants bigger breasts she can’t work out them. She cannot create them. She can make them bigger through surgical intervention and artificial implants but they are not looking natural. Just like a man using steroids. And artificial implants can be very dangerous too. Many women had lots of diseases because of them and some of them even died because of them. And besides these, the artificial implants are very very expensive. A simple woman cannot afford them. What can she do then? It is almost impossible to solve this problem in a natural way. Some women are just “blessed” while other ones are not. Many girls and women are really sad about this problem. Some of them even have social problems because of this. Some of them don’t want to go to pool or stay at the beach because of this. As you can see, for women it is a really big problem that can affect them psychological.

Well, let me encourage you. There appeared many treatments on the market for making bigger breasts without surgical intervention. But most of them are just lies, they don’t work and, even worse, they can damage your body in many ways.

But in this big mass of treatments and supplements that are found on the actual market we can find Breast Actives.

Breast Actives is a 100% natural treatment that helps you grow and shape your breasts. First of all, before I tell you more about it, we must be realistic. It will not grow your breasts from an A-cup size to a D-cup size. It will only grow your breasts from like an A-cup size to a small B. But the secret about it is that it will shape your breasts. This is the most important thing. The shape, not the size. Trust me.

Breast Actives is a three step treatment very well described on the website www.breastactives.org.uk/. It is made from three different parts. The first part is the pill you must take with water daily. It is NOT a fat pill. Many breast growing treatments are based on fat pills. If you are fat, you have big breasts too. Yep, that’s right but… We don’t want this, do we? The second part of the treatment is the cream you must apply directly onto your breasts and massage them until the cream is absorbed. Here it comes the third part and the hardest part of all. Yes, you must do some things too if you want your breasts to grow and get shaped. You must exercise. I know it sounds horrible but you must do this. Don’t worry you do not need to lift heavy weights. You will receive a small program with some special exercises and massages you must do daily without a big effort. But trust me, breast actives does its job very well and very fast. If you want to define and grow your breasts you will be really satisfied by it.

Best way to have healthy and beautiful nails!!!

I want to tell you about a problem that I had few months ago. Until then I didn’t realize that nails are really an important part of our body, but let me tell you what happened. One day while I was walking on the street my toenails started to hurt… I didn’t care about that at the moment but the next day they were hurting me even more. I began to be stressed but I still did not do anything, until they started to become yellow and to break. My toenails were becoming uglier and uglier. From that moment I could not walk in sandals or barefoot, or even go to the pool because my ugly, yellow and broken nails were creating discomfort for people around me. I was pretty desperate because I did not know what to do so I went to the doctor. He told me that I have Nail Fungus and he recommended me to use a natural treatment named Zeta Clear. I hesitated at first because he told me it was a homeopathic treatment but I risked a little bit and I took it. I don’t regret a thing. It worked even better than I expected and in a few weeks my nails were like they were before.

zetaclear As is written on the website www.zetaclear.org.uk, Zeta Clear is a 2 step solution: first of all you must apply a special solution directly on the nail. It supports the nail regeneration and the skin around it. After that you must take the oral homeopathic spray that delivers special substances to fight the fungus through the blood. It’s simple… just spray 3 times under the tongue.

As you can see it fights the fungus in two different ways this is why it is so efficient, unlike any other product on the market.

Many homeopathic doctors use and recommend Zeta Clear for many other nail problems, not just nail fungus because it really works for other problems too. It is also natural and does not give any side – effects so you must not be scared or unsure about using it. They also protect you with a 90 days guarantee so if you don’t like it for any reason, you will get your money back without questioning.

Why is Zeta Clear the best? Because:

~ It contains pure and natural ingredients and substances

~ Both solutions are absorbed very quickly and are extremely effective

~ The oils and the extracts from Zeta Clear are all High Quality

~ They use an extremely precise dosage of each ingredient.

Also, it does its job pretty fast. I could feel a difference after only a week of using Zeta Clear. My nails were not as painful as they were before. But, they were like new after approximately 4 weeks. So, you still need to wait for a little time.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one with this problem. Almost 35 million people suffer from nail fungus and lots of them tried Zeta Clear, were pleased and now they are recommending it for other people. So, if you have nail fungus give Zeta Clear a chance. I promise it will satisfy you.

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First of all, you should know that there are pills with natural or synthetic ingredients. The natural pills are safer, they improve the blood flow to the genitals and, if taken regularly, the cells adapt to this raised blood volume and enhance the size of penis permanently. You can attain the same results with surgery or special devices, but these options may damage the tissue or lead to complications that will have disastrous effects.
What exactly are male enhancement pills? Well, these pills will help the consumers enhance their sexual health. Besides than raising the libido and stamina, male enhancement pills may enhance the penile size, also helping to treat the erectile dysfunction.
In case if you wonder when will you get to see the results, the answer depends on your body, the hormone levels and on your general health. Some people get to notice the results even from the first uses, but sometimes it may last up to two or three months until you will enjoy satisfying results.
Can anybody take these pills? If you are a healthy man and you want a bigger and harder erection along with a raised sexual desire, you are free to use these pills. But if you suffer from any health condition, you should first seek the advice of your physician.
Are these pills safe? The fact is that because they significantly increase the blood flow, they may cause headaches, palpitations or sleeplessness. Be sure that the pills you take are doctor approved and that they are safe to use.
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