S/Y Norda

Norda is a rugged and antique fishing cutter. Since her construction in 1928, she lived a hard live in the Baltic Sea. She was used as research vessel (christened Ewa), fishing vessel (Putzig-2), used to flee to Germany after the war, later again used for fishing in Poland (Wla-17 and Zag-9), set ashore to rot, restored as a yacht. In 1985 she was christened “Norda”. Since April 2005 she is proudly flying the Belgian colors and her home harbour is Gdynia (near Gdansk, Poland). She’s available for charter.

 norda-2  norda-3

S/Y Muscadet

The “Muscadet” is a comfortable sailing yacht of 41 feet (12.75 meters) that has excellent sailing capacities and is for rent on the North Sea (Nieuwpoort, Belgium), and for larger trips. The Muscadet is an Oceanis Clipper 411 of the world leading ship-builder Beneteau.
On this pages, you will find some information about the yacht, the chartering possibilities and conditions, etc.

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about Philippe

CV of Philippe De Brouwer

Chief Executive Officer at
KBC Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestytcynych S.A.

General Information

  • nationality: Belgian
  • sex: male
  • civil state: married to Joanna
  • children: Amelia (age: 6.9 m.o.)
  • birth place and date: Louvain (Belgium), 21 February 1969. (-> Age: 38.8 y.o.)
  • Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), French, English and Polish.
  • Location to work: no restrictions
  • Contact: phdb@adventuresail.net


  • Management School Solvay – Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Commercial Engineering (Distinction - evening classes in accumulation with my work at P&V Assurances, at the Deutsche Bank, and Fortis Investments Belgium). [1992 - 1999]
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Licentiate in Physics, (comparable to Master) specialisation in theoretical and mathematical physics (Major Distinction = min.80% – thesis at the UniversitĂ© Libre de Bruxelles).[1987 - 1991]
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Licentiate for teaching at high school level. (Distinction = min. 60%). [1989 - 1991]

Working Experience

KBC Group
21/04/05 – now Chief Executive Officer at KBC Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestytcynych S.A. (Poland): this is the merged entity that resulted from the merger between the 4 asset management companies in KBC group in Poland. KBC TFI employs 68 persons and creates and manages investment funds for retail distribution, asset management services for private persons and offers a full range of services to institutinal clients. It has now about 6,6 Bln PLN under management
01/07/04 – 20/04/05 CEO Warta Asset Management S.A. and CEO Warta Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestytcynych S.A. (Poland): full operational management of these 2 firms that both employ about 17 employees, and that span the asset management business in Warta TUiR group in Poland.
17/06/02 – 30/06/04 Regional Director Poland at KBC Asset Management N.V. (Belgium): business development and general management. General responsibility over different aspects of the business (asset management, investment funds and pension funds), as well on operational as on strategic level. Involved in creating consolidation, expansion, and further development of asset management related activities. Initiator in strategic expansion (investment banking).
Fortis Investment Management
7/01 – 6/02 Director Alternative Investments and Structured Asset Management: building up the business of Alternative Investments and managing the important product line of capital guaranteed products.
9/00 – 7/01 Director Strategy & Co-ordination: Ensure a global co-ordination of large projects, and collaborate to determine the strategy of the FIM-group in terms of M&As
2/99 – 9/00 Director, Staff Networks & Funds: After the merger of all the asset management activities within the Fortis Group, within the business line “Networks and Funds” I facilitated international coherence and bring about synergies through different international projects for the core countries (Netherlands, Belgium and France). I also started up business in non-core countries (e.g. Hong Kong).
12/96 – 4/99 Fortis Investments BelgiumHead of Product & Concept Development (Strategic Marketing): I designed relevant procedures and co-ordinated the whole process of starting new investment funds (sicav’s) and the follow up afterwards. For capital guaranteed funds, we negotiated the OTC derivatives and executed the initial transactions. I assured also the Account Management for our main clients in retail investments. My main achievements are: putting the pieces of these complex projects together and designing the processes and procedures; creating a department to assure the follow up of this process; organising all data about the investment funds in a relational database system (which was used through whole F.I.B.); designing (for ASLK-bank) a strategic marketing positioning in Personal Financial Planning; and creating a software for Personal Financial Planning.
Deutsche Bank
12/95 – 12/96 Project Manager / EDP Specialist / Communication & Support Co-ordinator: comparable to my previous job at P&V; but more oriented to trading activities (Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.).
P&V Insurance
03/92 – 12/95 System Engineer / Project Manager: market studies for IT systems; testing and installing hard- and software (e.g. LAN networks and interconnectivity Mac/PC/Mainframe), as well as project management, cost-benefit analyses etc.
Work as student
1989 – 1996 Private courses, mainly on mathematics, informatics and physics.
1987 – 1991 Various student jobs every summer, at different companies in order to finance my studies.
Other Experience
1999 – now Yacht Skipper/Captain, mainly on one of my own yachts when they are chartered, among which different sailing trips for longer than one week uninterupted sailing in the Baltic Sea or in the North Sea.
2006 – now Different board functions in the Belgian Business Chamber of Poland.


Scientific Publications

Refereed publications are marked up like this sentence.

  • Ph. De Brouwer, Oszczedzanie bez tajemnic (Savings without Secrets),
    Parkiet (national Polish newspaper for finance), 09 June 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Finanse behavioralne, czyli psychologia investora (Behavioural Finance),
    Parkiet (national Polish newspaper with focus on finance), 09 June 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Investowac czy spekulowac (To Invest or to Speculate?),
    Parkiet (national Polish newspaper with focus on finance), 09 June 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Dlaczego fundusze inwestycyjne (Why Investment Funds,
    Parkiet (national Polish newspaper with focus on finance), 09 June 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Behavioral Finance and Decisson Making in Financial Markets,
    Financial Markets, Principles of Modeling Forecasting and Decission-Making (ISBN 978-83-7525-022-0), pp. 27 – 44, Ĺ�ĂłdĹş University Press 2006.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, La finance comportementale ou la psychlogie de l’investisseur,
    Problčmes Economiques, n° 2738, 28 november 2001.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Behavioural Finance of de Psychologie van de belegger,
    Vector, September 2001 nr. 17, Fortis Bank S.A.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Understanding and Calculating Value at Risk
    Journal of Derivatives Use, Trading and Regulation, volume 6 nbr. 4, 2001, pp. 306 – 322, by Henry Stewart Publications.
  • Ph. De Brouwer and F. Van den Spiegel, The Fallacy of Large Numbers Revisited: The construction of a utility function that leads to the acceptance of two games, while one is rejected
    Journal of Asset Management, Volume 1 Issue 3, January 2001, ISSN 1470-8272, by Henry Stewart Publications,
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Value at Risk,
    white paper (distributed at the conference “Defining, Measuring & Controlling Investment Risk” of IIR), 1999.
  • Ph. De Brouwer and Prof. Van den Spiegel, Index-ICB’s met kapitaalbeschermingavailable in the branches of the ASLK bank (Belgium), 1997.
  • Ph. De Brouwer, Een inleiding tot Internet,
    online published white paper, 1994.
  • Ph. De Brouwer and D. Walgraef, Two Dimensional Patterns in a Model for the Electro-hydrodynamic Instability of Nematic Liquid CrystalsInstabilities and Nonequilibrium Structures IV, pp. 235-245, 1993 Kluwer Academic Publishers (ISBN 0-7923-2503-6).

Conference Talks

  • Market Situation and Opportunities in Poland, ALFI-NICSA conference 2007, Luxembourg, GD of Luxembourgh, 2007.
  • Behavioral Finance and Decisson Making in Financial Markets, FindEcon 2005, University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland, 2005.
  • Behavioural Finance, General Introduction and How to Incorporation in the Investment Process, Behavioural Finance, IIR, London, 2001.
  • Behavioural Finance, Fundamentals and Impact, First Asian Investors Conference, FIM, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Kuala Lumpur, 2001.
  • Risk Intuition and Investor Psychology, Risk Management for Today’s Asset Managers, IIR, London, 2000.
  • Integrating Value at Risk and Stress Testing for Accurate Investment Risk Management, Defining, Measuring & Controlling Investment Risk, IIR, Zurich, 1999.
  • Exotic Derivatives used in Capital Guaranteed Products, bi-annual conference of the Belgian Bankers Association (since 1998).

Hobbies and Personal Interests

  • hobbies: sailing, photography, exploring nature, offroad (4×4), development of websites , mountaineering, just to name a few.
  • personal interests: nature, marine history and traditions, mathematics, logic and science, behavioural finance, financial mathematics, financial markets, and much more.